About Our Gallery of Canadian Native Art

DaVic is a family business with online presence only, which gives us the necessary flexibility to maintain prices as suggested by our artists as well as maintaining competitive prices for art sourced from second-hand market. We have dedicated much of our efforts creating strong working and friendly working relationships with our suppliers and our artists to maintain a long lasting partnership. We purchase our art material at fair value as defined by our artists based on their experience and acceptance by collectors.
All pictures are taken by us with as much detail as possible and colour matching to present you with best quality to give you a good idea of what the original item is like. However, rest assured that in most cases the original item is far nicer when seen in person. For this, we have sacrificed some level of performance by loading up relatively heavy picture files precisely to deliver high quality and picture variety.

Unless specified, copyright of each piece of art remains ownership of the artist or art cooperatives or representing organizations.

 We welcome your Native Art consignments.