About us

Welcome to DaVic Art Gallery!

Our gallery is a family business dedicated to promoting and selling authentic First Nations and Inuit art, including Northwest Coast, Woodland, and Inuit art styles. Please note, our gallery operates online only. We do not have a physical location where we display the art for public viewing. If you wish to view a piece of art in person before purchasing, please contact the gallery, and we will be happy to arrange a private viewing of the piece(s) you are interested in. 

Our service to you rests on three pillars: quality, transparency and care



Quality – We curate a wide selection of high-quality artwork with a great degree of care and discernment. Each piece is selected thoughtfully, whether it is acquired from third parties or artists directly. Edgar, the Gallery Director, has devoted significant effort to fostering strong, friendly and mutually-beneficial working relationships with official distributors and artists, with the goal of maintaining long-lasting partnerships. We ensure our art is purchased at fair value, as defined by our artists based on their experience and collectors’ demand. When possible, and if necessary, each piece of art is restored to its best possible state to ensure its longevity and its ability to provide you with the highest esthetic enjoyment for many years. 

Transparency – Each piece of art is photographed at the gallery to ensure you see it as accurately as possible before investing in it. We strive to produce high quality photographs with high fidelity to colour and condition. We provide you with detailed information about each piece, including the artist’s background, description of the art and accurate report of its condition, including any restoration work, so you can purchase with confidence.

Please note, unless specified otherwise, the copyright of each piece of art remains with the artist, art cooperatives or representing organizations.

Care – Our care extends to the art and to you, the customer. 

Art – We take great care of each piece of art, storing it in conditions that ensure its preservation. We package it for shipping meticulously so it arrives to you intact, and we ship it promptly. Please, refer to our Shipping Policy page for more information. 

You, the customer – We are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding purchasing experience. It starts with your safety on our website. Your browsing and purchase are secured with strong encryption, and your data is never kept or shared.

We designed our website with you in mind so you can have a seamless and enjoyable purchasing experience from start to finish. We respond to your inquiries promptly, and we work with you to accommodate your particular needs for art selection, payment and delivery times. We keep you informed every step of the way as your piece makes its way to you. Many of our customers reflected their experience of our outstanding service in their kind words about the gallery. Read their feedback here.

Thank you for visiting and considering making us your preferred online gallery for Native Canadian Art.

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