Aoudla Pudlat

Aoudla Pudlat (1951 – 2006)
Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

In the early 1970’s Aoudla began to draw highly stylized bird images–a theme which he primarily concentrates on today. About the time Aoudla began to draw, he also began his apprenticeship in the lithography studio. As his mastery of the printing process progressed, he proofed and also editioned many of his own works. Now an accomplished printer, his chop appears on many of the lithographs editioned in the Cape Dorset studios… His stepfather is Oshutsiak Pudlat.

Aoudla has exhibited with the Cape Dorset Graphics collection from 1980-1989, except for 1985. As well he has participated in “Emerging Canadian Artists” in 1981. His exhibitions also include: “Dorset Lithos ’83 – A new direction”, “Inuit Art at Rideau Hall ’83-’84”, and “Die Kunst Aus der Arktis ’86”.

Aoudla Pudlat has also participated in solo exhibitions such as: “Drawings by Aoudla Pudlat” at the Elca London Gallery in Montreal, Quebec (1988), and “Aoudla Pudlat: Dessins/Drawings Canadian Guild of Crafts” Quebec in Montreal, Quebec (1989)

Art Work

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    “Tuulliqjuak" - Two Loons by Aoudla Pudlat

    Tuulliqjuak – Two Loons


    Cape Dorset 1994