Broña Wingell

Artist Photo - Broña Wingell 2

Artist Photo – Broña Wingell

Broña Wingell (1970 – )
Ontario, Canada

Originally from Bratislava, Slovakia, Brona’s unique experience in the arts dates from before age 15, although only recently she began to produce paintings.  Since 2013 she has created an extensive array of paintings and drawings, including painting large-scale collaborative murals.

Her artistic medium of choice is acrylic paint applied to canvas or reclaimed furniture. She also converts her black & white drawings into striking prints using a contrast inversion technique.

As a former professional dancer and dance teacher, Brona’s stunning paintings are intricately choreographed with beautifully fluent form and razor-sharp lines. From nature, she derives personal inspiration and a sense of the interconnection between all life forms. Simply put; her paintings celebrate love. Using symbols she explores various aspects of life, death, femininity, motherhood, freedom, relationships, and the sanctity of sexuality.

Brona’s paintings bring simple joy, peace and harmony to the viewer, as well as sparking our own imaginations to dream dreams, and create anew.



Art Exhibitions:
March 2015 – “The Nature of Spirit”, Galerie Pierre Léon, Alliance Francaise, Toronto
December 2014 – “Spirit Island”, La Boheme, Toronto
May 2014 – “Lovescapes”, La Boheme, Toronto
May 2014 – “Inspired by Love”, La Boheme, Toronto

Artist Statement:

Artist Photo - Broña Wingell

Artist Photo – Broña Wingell

There are life paths we follow by making conscious choices. There are also streams full of unexpected surprises we are guided to when we stop paddling and let life’s current take us where we were meant to go. When not in the driver’s seat we can better appreciate the enchanting beauty of the ride. When savoring the moment we have the time and space to create our dreams and dream our creations. We can colour the world and build magic castles. We can string words into music to fill the world with songs. We can feel true love.

Love is the most amazing artist creating all things beautiful. As I flow downstream on the river of my life I encounter Spirit in all things, providing inspiration to shape my path and nourish my soul. I summon the angels to assist me with my art creations and with every angel-guided creation my soul breaks free to soar beyond my biological existence. I become immortal, in-Spirit, inspiration. My paintings are my immortality. They are created in love and inspired by love itself.

I am an artist!

The Journey of Life can become a winding road full of unexpected turns and encounters. In walking my own road I learned that trusting my intuition and Spirit is always the best way and that every new day is a reason to celebrate.

In October 2010, following a number of tragic circumstances, I packed up my life into 5 suitcases and my four children and I relocated from Slovakia to Canada. We landed in a cozy one-bedroom apartment in mid-Toronto that instantly became my healing sanctuary. After a year I reluctantly had to admit the place grew too small and found a bigger one in the same complex. A man moved into our old apartment.

It was summer of 2013. I enrolled in College to study physiotherapy with the set goal of finding a good paying job to support my four kids. Although I had a career as a professional dancer and dance teacher behind me, I didn’t think of myself as an artist at all. In fact at that point the closest thing to art were mindless doodles on the margins of my physiotherapy books.


In 2014 I finished my physiotherapy studies with excellent marks yet I never felt compelled to take the jobs that were offered to me. My amazing children supported me in my decision, and continue to do so, despite the financial challenges we face as a family. When asked about their Mom, they proudly say, “She’s an artist!”

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