John Livingston

Artist Photo - John Livingston

Artist Photo – John Livingston

John Livingston (1951 – )
Pacific Northwest Coast, Canada

John Livingston was born in 1951 in Vancouver, B.C. and moved to Victoria at an early age. Through a close friendship with the sons of Henry Hunt and the Hunt family, John began carving on a part-time basis in1966 at Thunderbird Park, Royal B.C. Museum. Henry and Tony Hunt were head carvers at the museum at that time. John was learning the basics of carving techniques, tool skills and traditional art styles.

After graduating from high school John began a serious full-time apprenticeship under Tony Hunt. In 1969, in partnership with Tony, Arts of the Raven Gallery was founded. The gallery was a major force in Northwest Coast First Nations art for over twenty years. They organized exhibitions all over the world and the gallery workshop trained many of the Kwagiulth artists working today. John is a master woodcarver and has worked on a great many large totem commissions with Tony and Calvin Hunt. John works mainly in the medium of wood, but is also an accomplished painter and has produced over twelve limited edition prints since the early 1970’s. Through a close association with the Hunt family, John has participated in several large family potlatches and has been given the rights to a number of important Kwagiulth dances. Since 1989lohn has been working and living in Victoria where he has an in-home studio. John continues a working relationship with many of the most prominent northwest coast artists. He is also active as a museum-certified appraiser and restorer of artifacts.

Art Work

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    "Northern Box Study. Circa 1875" by John Livingston

    Northern Box Study. Circa 1875.