Jolly Atagooyuk

Artist Photo - Jolly Atagooyuk

Artist Photo – Jolly Atagooyuk

Jolly Atagooyuk (1963 -)
Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada

Jolly Atagooyuk, (sometimes Attagoyuk or Atagoyuk) was born on Broughton Island (now Qikiqtarjuaq). He now lives in Pangnirtung with his wife and four children.

Jolly is dedicated to keeping his culture strong through artwork. Much of the strength of the print tradition thriving in his home community of Pangnirtung, Nunavut Territory, can be attributed to Jolly’s talent, enthusiasm and generosity. Jolly’s work in stencil, lino prints and etching is cherished by collectors around the globe. He has also become known for his woodcuts, silkscreens, watercolours, sculptures, jewelry and filmwork. Jolly regularly tours the south, promoting the release of the Annual Collection of Pangnirtung prints. His work can also be found in 22 Northern Image Galleries across Canada. In addition to interpreting original drawings from the community archives, Jolly creates his own imagery. Animals and spirit creatures are recurring motives in his work. He hopes that through his work people will learn more about Inuit culture, its traditions and the art of printmaking.

Art Work

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    'Mother with Young Seal' by Jolly Atagoyuk - Pangnirtung Inuit Art Limited Edition print

    Mother with Young Seal


    Pangnirtung 2018
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    'My Caribou Dream' by Jolly Atagooyuk - Inuit - Pangnirtung 1999

    My Caribou Dream


    Pangnirtung 1999
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