Josephee Kakee

Josephee Kakee (1911 – 1977)
Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada

“We started drawing together, but from the very first, Josephee had his own style. He wanted to show the clothes people wore, and the way they used to hunt. In ‘Camping Inland’, as in many of his drawings, two people are seen on the land. Some of those are we two, Josephee and Martha. He also loved to draw children, and remembered all their games of old. If he were alive today, he would be telling us how much life is changing for the children.” – Mrs. Martha Kakee 1985

Josephee’s widow Martha makes crafts and tapestry designs. His son Pauloosie is a carver, and his daughter Kawtysee is a tapestry weaver.

Art Work

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    'Aparalaq Hunting Walrus' by Josephee Kakee - Inuit - Pangnirtung 1976

    Aparalaq Hunting Walrus


    Pangnirtung 1976