Kelly Mills

Artist Photo - Kelly Mills

Artist Photo – Kelly Mills

Kelly Mills
Nature – non-native
Pacific Northwest Coast, Canada

I was born in Vancouver as was my Mother and Grandfather! So I have been surrounded by BC’s beauty all my life!

In 2003 I became ill with a seizure disorder, so for the first few years I was housebound. I had a very talented friend come and teach me the basics of painting with watercolor. I found my passion! With a lot of practice and lots of paint and paper, my techniques improved and I even seemed to have made up some of my own. You will see a lot of detail and bold colors in my art works, this has become my style of watercolor painting. I also see a story in each one of my paintings. I absolutely love to hear when someone else sees a different one! One of the most satisfying and proud moments in my life, as I’m sure to all artists is to see my visions framed and on people’s walls, not only locally but in different parts of North America. I hope they love their painting as much as I loved painting them!

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