Martha Ittulukatnak

Martha Ittulukatnak (1912 – 1981)
Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada

Martha Ittulukatnak (also known as Itoolookutna, Ittuluka’naaq) was born along the Kazen River of the Canadian Central Arctic. She lived a nomadic lifestyle until settling in Baker Lake in 1961 when she began to produce pencil and crayon drawings which served as the basis for many prints produced by the Baker Lake Sanavik Cooperative. The Cooperative produced eight of her works between 1970 and 1977; they focused on human figures and the animals of the Arctic. Ittuluktnak’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is found in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Winnipeg Art Gallery, the MacDonald Stewart Art Center and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife.

Art Work

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    'Mothers and Children' by Martha Ittulukatnak

    Mothers and Children


    Baker Lake 1970