Ray Sim

Artist Photo - Andy Peterson

Artist Photo – Andy Peterson

Ray Sim (1968 – )
Pacific Northwest Coast, Canada

Ray Sim is a member of the Musqueam Salish Nation of Vancouver, BC. He also has close familial ties to the Gitksan through his grandfather, who is from the Gitanmaax Band.

Ray’s first exposure to First Nations Northwest Coast Art came when he was 11, attending art classes taught by Ron Hamilton. This early experience acted as the catalyst in his continued exploration of this art form.

In 2001, Ray participated in an advanced design workshop taught by Robert Davidson. He credits this experience with elevating his work to another level. Ray feels that all of his experiences with many Northwestcoast native artists have been very inspirational as they continue to enrich his life.

Ray’s woodcarving includes plaques, spoons and various types of masks, bentwood boxes and bowls. In the field of graphic design, Ray produces paintings, prints, shawl designs, and also creates and paints drums.

He has taught art classes at both Ha-ho-payuk School in Port Alberni, and also at the Port Alberni Friendship Centre. He has instructed students on the Qualicum Reserve and at Parksville Malaspina College campus.

Ray is an artist dedicated to his work and is continually striving to further his understanding of First Nations Northwest Coast Art.

Art Work

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