Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

May 22 2017

Years ago as I was browsing classified ads on the Internet I came across signed Limited Edition Lithographs and Serigraphs by famous artists such as Mark Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and other well-known names. They were all numbered, titled and signed by hand by the artists themselves, or so the ad implied. This caught my interest because they looked legitimate, they all came along with a Certificate of Authenticity, and above all that they all were well under $50.00 CAD.  What a find!  I thought.  At the same time I then remembered reading years earlier that Pablo Picasso’s signature…

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Is Native Art really art or craft?

Nov 14 2016

The first question I would ask is why wouldn’t it be art? Since my interest in native art grew evolving into venturing into the art industry, I have engaged in many interesting conversations with different people debating and trying to convince that native art is not art or that it is indeed art. At first, I felt compelled to defend it as art, eventually I thought. Either way, I would not say that wither way I have heard strong enough arguments why it is and why it isn’t. Yes, I hear opinions, but people normally cannot rightly articulate the right…

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