Bear Clan Women

Art Type
Original acrylic on white canvas
Original Painting
Size (in)
Canvas (H x W x D): 24 x 36 x ¾ in
Size (cm)
Canvas (H x W x D): 61 x 91 x 2 cm
Not Framed, please enquire
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Bear Clan Women by First Nations Ojibwe artist Jackie Traverse – Original First Nations Woodland Art style painting presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts

Condition:       No condition noted.  Painting does not wrap around the edge of canvas, frame recommended. Please inquire if interested in purchasing frame service.

Description by Artist:     No description provided by artist …

Notes from DaVic Gallery:     The Clan System for most Indigenous cultures was traditionally a form of governance for the people.  Every clan had their own roles and purpose that pertained to the greater good of the entire community.  Within the Ojibwe Clan System each clan had not only their own purpose, but the members of that clan was said to have certain personality traits to assist with upholding the clan structure.  You may ask, “What if a person within a certain clan portrayed personality traits of another clan?”  There was also a place within each clan for members to be representatives of other clans.  In this way every person, role and personality was honored, respected and had a place that was fitting for the individual.  For the Ojibwe people every clan had representation at community gatherings and within vital decision making.

The mother bear protects her cubs with ferocity.  She is also cunning and knowledgeable about the plants of the forest.  Like the mother bear, the Bear Clan is responsible for protecting their people.  It is said that people of the Bear Clan are short tempered and live on the outside of the village to ensure the safety of the gentler clans inside the village.  The bear clan are also the medicine people for they know the healing ways of the plants available to them.







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