Fish and Gull / Untitled (Sea Creatures & Bird)

Art Type
Dorset Series 1964
Sealskin stencil on kinwashi natural paper
Certified Limited Edition Print # 2 of 50 printed by Iyola Kingwatsiak
Size (in)
Paper (H x W): 18 x 23 ¾ in
Size (cm)
Paper (H x W): 46 x 60 cm
Not Framed
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Fish and Gull/Untitled (Sea Creatures & Bird)’ by Pudlo Pudlat – Inuit Art – Cape Dorset 1964 presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts.

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Condition:          Very Good Condition – Professionally restored for browning of the paper, tape removal, creases and paper handling marks.  Some faint yellowing of the paper remains lightly visible.

Description by Artist:     No description by artist found.

Notes from DaVic Gallery:   Few prints might come with as much mystery as this one.  This is another print with some inconsistencies found among the copies documented to have been traded in the second market and what is documented in the National Gallery of Canada:

Date:  This print is documented dated 1969 while this copy is clearly written 1964.  What is also interesting is that undated copies traded in the market are documented as 1969, perhaps sellers use the National Gallery of Canada database for reference since these copies are undated.  Three copies that have been traded in the market that are dated show 1964 and the others have no date and are documented as 1969.  All copies, however, present same signatures and studio chop as well as Pudlo’s name written with same handwriting. After cross referencing with Dorset Fine Arts personally, they were unable to provide guidance why this inconsistency and perhaps in earlier years, Dorset Series releases would not pay as much attention documenting releases as there was not much emphasis to do so.

Title:  it is also interesting to see that this print is untitled and yet cataloged with both a title and a subtitle assigned to Untitled.  I have seen one case a copy titled “Fish with Gulls” in the print, even though clearly there is only one gull in this composition.  In a way, I personally agree with the accepted or commonly used “Fish and Gull” title.  This too seems to be the only print by Pudlo Pudlat that was documented as Untitled.

Print technique: last inconsistency that by the time I publish this print may be corrected in the National Gallery Database is that this print is done using sealskin stencil print technique as opposed to stonecut that is currently documented.  Close inspection shows that the way ink is laid and absorbed by the paper leaves ink texture consistent with sealskin stencil than stonecut.

The images individually are identifiable, one bird, one full live fish, and apparently a half-eaten fish.  What I think I see is that both the flying bird and the fish are competing to get to the half-eaten fish first.  It is strikingly unavoidable to notice how the bird is neatly nested in the arc formed by the fish.

This is a print recognized and documented by the Gallery of Canada in consultation with DFA, and the inconsistencies mentioned sure make it a very interesting addition to any collection, in addition to its wonderful composition.  I have shared and discussed all of the above with DFA with mutual agreement on the inconsistencies and some corrections will be made to the Inuit print database.


Reference picture # 4 for size comparison with letter size paper.