New Day

Art Type
Original Drawing
Original coloured pencil and felt pen drawing on white paper
Original Drawing
Size (in)
Paper (H x W): 20 x 26 ¼ in
Size (cm)
Paper (H x W): 51 x 67 cm
Not Framed
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Untitled (New Day) by Shuvinai Ashoona – Inuit Art from Cape Dorset 2007 original hand drawing collection presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts.

Condition:          No condition noted.   It is common also that original drawings will show minor handling marks and probably stains caused by the artist themselves.  It is also common to see, particularly with Shuvinai’s drawings, uneven paper trimming.

Description by Artist:     No description by artist found.

Notes from DaVic Gallery:    This drawing reminded me a cartoon I saw on tv in my childhood where an elderly shoemaker couple shared some of their little food they had with some birds that were outside the window in a cold winter evening.  When the couple went to their bedroom to sleep still hungry and too weak to finish the large backlog of unrepaired shoes, grateful, the birds waited for the couple to fall asleep and entered the house to repair all shows and clean the house for the old couple.  When they woke up the next morning, there were happily surprised with all the finished shoes and clean bright house.  Similarly, in this drawing we see a hunter stepping out the summer camp to find animals ready to skin and cut that perhaps he was preparing to go out to hunt.  All is ready for him.  Even an unfinished sculpture ready to be put together.  This hunter must have done something good.

The blank sheet of letter-size (8.5” x 11”) paper covering part of the image in the last picture is for size reference.