Resting Geese

Eddy Cobiness, See available art.
Anishinaabe, See available art.
Art Type:
Watercolor on Mould-made 140 lbs white paper
Original Painting
Size (in):
Paper (H x W): 18 x 24 in
Size (cm):
Paper (H x W): 46 x 61 cm
Not Framed, please enquire
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‘Resting Geese’ by Eddy Cobiness – Original First Nations Woodland Art painting presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts

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Notes from DaVic Gallery:  ‘Resting Geese’ – Compared to many of his watercolors, this piece displays a larger use of colors especially in the heads of the three resting geese.   While somewhat added complexity of colors, simplicity remains with every line and curve that details are sometimes easily overlooked and then identified and appreciated with each time one looks at this piece.  Take note of the curious design in his signature depicting a hare running for its life to its den while a flying predator fast approaches from above.

Colorful group of grown geese rest on the rocky ground perhaps near a pond or lake because of the vegetation.  Beautiful blue curvy lines in their necks that is also integrated in other parts of their bodies.    In so many of Cobiness paintings it such as this one it is clear family love and care is important part of his life and that he desires.

Geese symbolize the importance of respectful communication, and respectful team work between community members. When Geese fly in formation they take turns with breaking the wind, no one goose harbours this responsibility alone, they work as a coordinated team.