Northwest Coast
Art Type
Serigraph on handmade pressed paper
Signed Limited Edition Prints # 70/71 and # 71/71
Size (in)
Paper (H x W): 37 ½ x 7 in
Size (cm)
Paper (H x W): 95 x 18 cm
Not Framed, please enquire
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‘Riiibbit’ by Ben Davidson – First Nations Northwest Coast Haida Art presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts.

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Condition:       No condition noted.

Description by Artist:     This Frog emerged from the cedar of the Haida Gwaii in the same way hlq’iaan  q’usdann emerge from the forest after the rain. I had a piece of cedar in my studio that I wanted to turn into a panel. Usually, I cut a piece of Cedar in half and glue the pieces together to make a more traditionally shaped panel, but this piece of cedar was so beautiful that I felt compelled to honour it and to find the design within its wholeness rather that its pieces. What emerged was this frog who was so stretched out and filled with life that he almost escaped from the wood. The black and red honour our history and the yellow of his foot honours our ability to innovate during times of change, for these innovations are the key to strengthening our resiliency.

Notes from DaVic Gallery:    This print allows to be framed and placed vertically or horizontally.  Looks wonderful either way.   A youth maltreated a Frog, and was carried away to the Frog town.   The Frogs asked him why he had injured the chief’s daughter, and he said it was because he wanted to marry her.   When they heard that he belonged to the Kiks-People (Frog-People), they let him have her, and he lived a long time with them.   By and by he and his wife went back to his own people; but his mother did not like her son’s new wife, and in the spring they disappeared to the Frog town again

This print allows to be framed and placed vertically or horizontally.  Looks wonderful either way.