Seven Sisters

Art Type
Original acrylic on white canvas
Original Painting
Size (in)
Canvas (H x W x D): 48 x 48 x 1 ¾ in
Size (cm)
Canvas (H x W x D): 122 x 122 x 4.5 cm
No Framed
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Seven Sisters by First Nations Ojibwe artist Jackie Traverse – Original First Nations Woodland Art style painting presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts

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Condition:        No condition noted.  Painting does not wrap around the edge of canvas, frame recommended. Please inquire if interested in purchasing frame service.

Description by Artist:     “This painting, is about living off the land, the Buffalo provided everything and it’s the meaning of respect, to respect women and the land also a place I went for ceremony when I was younger.”

Notes from DaVic Gallery:     Powerful, inspiring and moving painting of women and respect.

Of all the North American Indigenous teachings, the 7 Grandfather Teachings are the most commonly shared from coast to coast.  Many Aboriginal organizations and communities have adopted the 7 guiding principles, in one form or another, as a moral stepping stone and cultural foundation.  There are stories of the origins of the 7 Grandfather Teachings in all communities.  Each community has adapted the teachings to suit their community values.  Despite where the teachings may have originated, they share the same concepts of abiding by a moral respect for all living things… The Seven Gifts, or the Seven Grandfather`s teachings, which are love, honesty, bravery, humility, truth, wisdom, and respect.  Respect is represented by the buffalo.  The buffalo gives every part of his being to sustain the human way living, not because he is of less value, but because he respects the balance and needs of others.  To honor all creation is to have respect.  Live honorably in teachings and in your actions towards all things.  Do not waste and be mindful of the balance of all living things.  Share and give away what you do not need.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Do not be hurtful to yourself or others.

Story of the Seven Daughters of the Moon and Sun – The Pleiades

The Anishinabe of Central North America believe that seven sisters ignored their father’s (the Moon’s) instructions and descended to Earth in a basket to dance and sing when their father was “low in the sky.” On one of their visits, one of the young women was captured by a human being and fell in love with him. The couple was taken to the Sky world in a basket lowered to Earth by the bride’s sisters. While Grandfather Sun disapproved of the marriage, out of his love for his daughter he permitted the couple to visit on Earth from time to time. As for the remaining sisters, Grandfather Sun sent them to live further from the Earth, and to this day, they can hardly be seen.







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