Spiritual Teachings

Art Type
Original acrylic on white canvas
Original Painting
Size (in)
Canvas (H x W x D): 24 x 18 x ¾ in
Size (cm)
Canvas (H x W x D): 50 x 41 x 2 cm
Not Framed, please enquire
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‘Spiritual Teachings’ by Candace Twance – First Nations Woodland Art presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts

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Condition:       No condition noted.

Description by Artist:     “Spiritual Teachings” depicts through layers of colour an abstracted view of either a medicine wheel or a dream-catcher, the interpretation is up to the viewer. Tobacco ties are suggested through bright red, a sense of prayer and life energy is suggested.

Notes from DaVic Gallery:     Most beautiful and uncommon representation of the medicine wheel with the four main colours Red, Yellow, Black, and White.  The Medicine Wheel is the representation of all things connected within the circle of life. It is told that there are over 100 relevant traditional teachings given of the Medicine Wheel. Each teaching holds its own meaning and purpose. The Medicine Wheel usually focuses on the significance of the numbers 4 and 7. Commonly the medicine Wheel teaches 7 aspects within each of the 4 quadrants that represent life in in specific stages; The four directions, the four elements of life, the four medicines, the four seasons, the four states of well being, the four colours of man and four stages of life.   The first medicinal gift to the Anishnaabe people was tobacco – sema. It is used as a prayer vessel to the creator and all things spiritual thus tobacco sits in the Eastern Doorway.