Three Rivers

Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq, See available art.
Cape Dorset, See available art.
Art Type:
Original Drawing
Original drawing with graphite, coloured pencil and pentel pen on canson mi-teintes paper
Original Drawing
Size (in):
Paper (H x W): 19 ½ x 25 ½ in
Size (cm):
Paper (H x W): 50 x 65 cm
Not Framed, please enquire
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‘Three Rivers’ by Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq – Inuit Art from Cape Dorset 2010 original hand drawing collection presented by DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts.

Condition:          No condition to be noted.

Description by Artist:     No description by artist found.

Notes from DaVic Gallery:   Looking down the valley, multi-layered path of land features: valleys, rocks, mountains, rivers, grass…   As I work on each picture I take of Nujalia’s drawings trying to match colours and texture preparing them for uploading to DaVic Art Gallery website, I notice more and more Nujalia’s intention to preserve tone and hue level for each of the colours used.  There is no blending or fading of colours as one object enters the space of the other. Instead, one colour ends and the other begins with a definite border line. However, exceeding even by only small level in hue tone of one, the discrepancy is immediately evident and the entire picture is out of balance.   It is only with the use of different colours of the objects forming part of the landscape that the viewer gains the sense of perspective and distance between objects.   Because of the technique and colour choice used, unless one is familiar with the territory, it is not easy to distinguish land from water in Nujalia’a drawings.  An indication that this depicts three rivers running is the bright river banks depicted with bright green fluorescent lines.  In this drawing, the rivers are of colour orange and yellow and one of them forking into two ways.  I count 14 separate horizontal layers of objects giving the sense of distance and perspective.