Northwest Coast
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Signed Limited Edition Print # 7 of 50
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Paper size (H x W): 28 ¼ x 35 ¼ in
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Paper size (H x W): 72 x 90 cm
Not Framed, please enquire
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Condition: Fine condition. Print is framed with triple acid free mat. Frame is metallic and black in color.

Frame: Please note that for safety reasons, print can be shipped framed without glass within Canada only.  Shipments outside Canada will include print and mat with both frame and glass removed.  Alternatively, glass may be replaced with resistant acrylic transparent glass that is safe for shipping at additional cost.  Please inquire.

Description by Artist: No description by artist found.

Notes from DaVic Gallery: The story of the Thunderbird in Native American Mythology is popular among various Native American and First Nations peoples. Thunderbird is a giant supernatural bird who causes thunder and lightning. His weapons are lightning snakes which are carried beneath his wings. Lightning flashes when he throws the lightning snakes or when he blinks his eyes. He is powerful enough to hunt Killer Whale and is often depicted with one in his talons, he is also known to help the weak and poor by in some cases picking up large animals (killer Whale) and dropping them in a village of need. In many Coast Salish legends, Thunderbird is a mountain dweller and is a highly intelligent creature. From his home, he keeps a close eye over his dominion. Humans should beware not to try and outwit Thunderbird for they are most certain to have it backfire. In some Coast Salish myths, the peak Black Tusk in southern British Columbia, Canada is said to be his favorite perch. According to the Quileute people of Washington State, it is the Blue Glacier of Mount Olympus. Art designs vary by artist but some common features found in Northwest Coast are a hooked beak, often but not always larger than that of Eagle. Thunderbird is often shown with a crown or a curly top, showing supernatural powers. The Thunderbird represents the carrying out of law and protocol.