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Privacy of information: We take your privacy and security very seriously and for this reason we do not keep credit card information in our records.  All purchase transactions are managed via secured third party Stripe payment system. We will only contact you with our newsletters or new acquisitions via email, to which you may unsubscribe at any moment. Your contact information is kept privately and never shared or sold to any other third party.  Your entire visit and navigation of this website is secured and confidential via encrypted protocol between your browser and our website host with https.

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Art presentation:   you may select to visit one of our three exhibits of Native Canadian Arts:

All art pieces representing a community or Art school are presented together and you may select and visit each one you like as you go or you may select and add to your Wishlist all the pieces you like to visit them later in more detail from your Wishlist bag.

All Artworks available per exhibit are displayed in alphabetical order by Community, Artists’ First Name, Year, and Title.

You must click on an Image you like to enter the product details page of the artwork selected.

Art Details: we provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision in one single place. Please visit the entire product detail page for complete information about the piece. This will help you understand the artwork better and help you make an informed purchase decision. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions at

Pictures: for your convenience we offer several pictures for each piece at different angles and maybe settings or staged locations to help you assess size and look in a house setting. We spent countless hours to capture and represent faithfully the colors and sharpness of the original paintings and prints, but often it is difficult to capture the real beauty. For this we have intentionally sacrificed a level of performance and speed of navigation to offer you higher quality pictures that require larger file sizes. All pictures have been watermarked for protection. You can use the magnifying glass symbol to expand the picture to full screen size for higher detail.

Copyright: copyright of all original artwork presented is owned by the artists and as such their intellectual property is protected by relevant laws.  No reproduction of their art in its entirety or partial may be done without artist’s written approval. Also, for prints, copyright is ownership of relevant art cooperatives or distribution agencies.  Please inquire with us for any questions.

Specifications: Details about the piece such as size, medium, materials, and date of the piece are provided to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.  Artist name is included as a URL link to the Artist’s page that includes biography as well as all the artworks we have from that artist.

Pricing: all prices are in Canadian Dollars and exchange conversion to your local currency will be handled by your credit card issuer or method of payment selected. Pricing is set following guidance by the artists themselves or by current market conditions for prints and originals.

Tags: the list of tags included with each product are provided to help you find all artworks in DaVic Art Gallery that fit a certain topic or description such as “owls”, “birds”, “hunting”, “love”, etc… use them, they are fun.

Condition: we use this section to provide an objective assessment of the state of the piece such as possible damage or visible defects. Especially in the case of rare prints, it is possible that after the years and different ownership or type of framing used may affect the integrity of the piece and show relative damage. Pricing is applied reflecting the assessed condition of each piece and as such competitive pricing for rare prints is subject the condition of the piece and not just the piece itself.

Description by Artist: when available, we include comments the artist may have made in reference to the piece of art.

Notes from DaVic Gallery: I use this section to share with you my personal comments and observations on the piece based on research or just visual observation or experience with the piece.

The Wishlist: this is a convenient way to shop allowing you to simply add to your wishlist all of the items that call your attention and that you can later select to visit in more detail. The wishlist is not a shopping cart, however, you may add an item from your wishlist into your shopping cart after you have decided or considering to purchase.

The Shopping Cart: items added to your Shopping cart are the items you are considering to purchase and will display calculated subtotals and totals accumulated so far. You may remove items from your shopping cart as you see necessary.   No personal or payment information is collected until check-out process.

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Framing: it is indeed magical how a well selected framing and matting job uplifts even further them most humble of a graphic art. It is simply delightful. DaVic will provide framing services at extra cost. However, it is recommended that framing be done by our customers with their local framing service providers. The reason is that framing for prints will require glass and this glass will add risk during shipment in the case it breaks.  A better and recommended alternative is that we use acrylic glass for your framing request that is very resistant to impact reducing the risk during shipment.  If you would like us to frame your selection, we will be happy to do so.  Our shipments will be insured.